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printbale coupon 101

All About Printable Coupons


Printable coupons are coupons that can be printed from your computer
and redeemed for money off products in stores. You may notice that
when you try and print coupons from some sites, that it asks to install
or accept a coupon printer program. The reason for this, is because
it helps to track the printing activity on your computer and to make
sure you are not printing more than your limit. This keeps it fair for
others wanting to print the coupon as well as the manufacturer who
is issuing the coupon.


Most printable coupons will have a print limit per computer, usually two,
and have a code or pin located on it to verify it is not a copy. It is illegal to
make a copy of and redeem that coupon.


A couple of great tips to know about printable coupons:

  1. Some coupons reset their print limits at the first of each
    month. For example if you printed your two coupons for
    $1 off Cheerios in March, it’s possible that the limit has
    reset the 1st of April and you will be able to print two more!
  2. If you wish, you may print coupons in black and white only.
    They will still redeem just fine!
  3. Print any coupons you think you may want to use, especially
    those with high dollar amounts off, coupons can come and
    go quickly and you may miss your chance.
  4. Some coupons will print on your paper and take up very little
    space, some will print out with a recipe or advertisement to
    fill the whole paper. A tip to conserve paper is to set your
    printing preferences to show a print preview before your
    coupon prints. This will show you what your print page will
    look like ahead of time so that you can be aware of the
    size of the coupon and if you still have room on another
    sheet you have previously printed on.

Favorite places for printable coupons:
Coupon Network
Facebook – (different brand’s release coupons to print often)
Pillsbury Coupons
Betty Crocker Coupons
Best Meals At Home (Publix Store Coupons)


Printable coupons can also be found at manufacturers websites, look
for a tab specifying “promotions”, “coupons” or “special offers”


Also companies can send coupons by email for you to print,
usually when you have signed up for their club or newsletters.


Don’t forget to visit the website of your favorite store, they will
also have sections on their websites to print store and manufacturer


Problems Printing Coupons

Sometimes you may run into problems while trying to print
your coupons. This is never fun but luckily, sometimes the
fix is easy.


Some things to try when your coupons won’t print!


  • First, make sure your printer is plugged in and connected to your computer,
    you have paper and adequate amount of ink or toner. Next make sure the printer
    you are trying to print from is the default printer that your computer is trying to
  • Switch browsers. If you are using Firefox, try switching
    to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Some coupons require that you have Java installed on your computer
    so make sure you have an up-to-date version on your computer
  • Try restarting your computer and printer.
  • Contact the manufacturer or coupon site owner or look for a
    troubleshoot tab if you still cannot get your coupons to print.

Sometimes you may run across the error that you have already printed
the coupon and reached your limit, even though you know you haven’t.
If this is the case, may not necessarily mean that YOU have reached the
limit, but in general there are no more prints available.


Neat Tip: If you are trying to print a coupon from and are having
trouble, or maybe you just don’t have access to your printer at the moment,
sometimes you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page of the coupon
you are wanting to print and click the “help” tab, it will then bring up a form
where you can request to have the coupon mailed to your home address

It’s helpful to keep in mind that due to all the fraudulent coupons out there,
some stores do not feel comfortable accepting printable coupons. Make
sure you know your store’s coupon policy to avoid problems in the checkout
line later.

Menu Plan Budget

Planning your meals in advance based on what is on sale each week is a great way to stretch your family’s grocery budget. Knowing what you will cook in advance will ensure you have all the needed ingredients on hand without having to make frequent trips to the store throughout the week and often pay full price!

1. Get started with lists

I make a list of all the meals my family loves to eat.  I also have an area on this list of recipes I would like to try.I like to plan our meals at least 2 weeks in advance, and include meals large enough for leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day.

shopping list

2. Gather your grocery store ads

I start by looking at the sales flyers each week to see which items are free and cheap, with and without coupons. Some of the best deals will be on the front of the ad. Don’t forget to look for BOGO deals as well!

grocery ads

Make a list of any great priced items from each store.  For example, if I find Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for less than $2/lb, I know that many of our main dishes will include chicken that week. Some weeks, I can find 10lb bag of potatoes for $1.99 or even get dry pasta or rice sides for free using coupons.  After I have created my list of the great sale items, I build my menu around those cheap finds.

I usually try and put my main focus on best prices of meat and produce. I also stock up on the really great deals on non-perishable items such as canned and boxed goods. I buy what we would use for 4-6 weeks of those items, and merge them in with my menu planning.

Consider buying a whole chicken fryer when it is on sale and cooking it in the crockpot.  Depending on the size of your family, you may be able to get 3 meals out of it. We like to do casseroles, soups, tacos, and BBQ sandwiches with them!

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Sometimes you may see cuts of meat or ingredients that you aren’t familiar with at an amazing price. When that is the case, I like to use to find new recipes to take advantage of these sales. Supercook helps you come up with recipes based on only the ingredients you have on hand.

4. Plan for the unexpected

It’s a good idea to have a list of meals that are pretty cheap to make without sales and coupons as your fallback. Keep the items on that list in your stockpile.

We always have pasta and sauce in our pantry. It can easily be thrown together for a quick inexpensive meal should one of our other plans fall  through.  You may run across a day that is really hectic, or you forgot to defrost your meat. I love having that quick fallback meal to fix.  It stops that all-too-convenient call to the local pizza delivery place.

5. Make your plan visible

Put your list on the fridge and make a habit to look at it each night. You can prepare in advance which meat to put out to thaw and get a head start on chopping any vegetables.

Following these steps will not only help to cut your grocery budget, but will also help simplify your life when it comes to dinner!


begginer budget


Starting a budget.


Having a budget is an important part of maintaining financial security. It’s
important to control spending so there is enough leftover to put towards the
larger things we need or want.
Even if you have never thought of planning out a budget, it’s not too late
to start. I’ve put together some tips easy enough for anyone to get a start
on their household budget!


The first step is to calculate all of your monthly income. Add up any income
you receive from your job, spouses job plus any other extra things you do
monthly that brings in money. Once you have your monthly income total,
you will need to write out all of your necessary bills that are due each month
and total them up. (Rent, Utilities, Car Payment, Insurance etc)

Next, create a list of your luxury items that you buy each month on average.
This may include dining out, trips to the movies, coffee each morning, purchasing
DVD or Music Cd’s etc.


After you have totaled your spending for the month, you should be able to subtract
your spending total from your monthly totals to get your leftover balance each month.


You may find, as many people do, that after you have reached this step of planning
your budget that you have very little, or no money left each month. Some cases, you
may actually see a negative balance meaning you overspend your income each month.
This can be very stressful but easy to do when you don’t have a written budget to
follow. If this is the case for you, let it be a wake up call. There are ways to
turn it around and actually start to see more of your hard earned money each month,
you just need to be aware of where your money is going!


Now that you have a good look at your money. Ask yourself this question, If you had
some money to put back and save each month, what would you be saving it for? A new
appliance? To pay off a credit card? Down payment on a home? New Car? Vacation?
No matter what it is you are wanting to save for, you can do it if you make and stick
to a budget!


Let’s say you will be needing a new washer and dryer soon and you are looking at
a goal of saving $1200 for this purchase. First thing is to estimate a time frame
in which you would like to make this purchase and then break up the smaller amounts
you will put back and save however is easiest for you – Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly.


So if you wish to have your $1200 saved in 6 months, you need to plan to save $200
each month, or $50 each week.


Where do you pull that $200 each month? Well if you have a budget, you know your income,
you are aware of your spending and how much is left over each month. You will need to
budget out the extra $200 from your monthly “leftovers” If you don’t have an extra
$200, you may want to take a look and see if there are any luxuries you can do without.


For example, if you are in the habit of grabbing coffee every morning before work,
try cutting it down to two mornings. If coffee is a must for  you, invest in a
travel mug and give the easy coffee mix-ins a try a few mornings of the week.
This will help shave $40+ a month off your budget! That’s nearly $500 a year!


Some other ideas to get your current bills lower are:

-Call your cable and/or internet provider to see if they have any specials to lower your
monthly bill. Another possibility is cutting out the cable all together and getting a membership
with Netflix, they offer many popular TV shows and tons of movies for a low monthly fee of $8!


-Try lowering your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and raising a few degrees in the
summer. Also make sure your water heater is set to a normal level ( around 120 degrees) and
make sure to keep your air and furnace filters replaced and clean. All of this will help to
lower your utility bill each month.


-Look for sales and use coupons at the grocery store! This is my favorite way to stretch
our household budget! Once you get the hang of couponing and when to buy items at their
lowest price, your grocery bill should be 40 -50% less than what it is now! To stretch that
even further, make your meal plans based around only the things you are getting at a great


After you have decided the items you would like to cut out of your spending each month, you
should have a new total that looks a little better. Hopefully there should be some extra money
left over that you can decide what to save for.


Best way to handle your money:

Some people prefer the cash only system. File your money in categories and put each in an
envelope. For example if you plan to spend $75 on groceries each week. Make an envelope labeled “Groceries” and put your cash inside. Each time you make a grocery purchase that week, the money should be coming out of that envelope only. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Don’t dip into other envelopes to make more purchases. Having your funds in cash helps you to know when you are close to running out and studies have shown when people pay with cash they think harder about whether making the purchase is really worth it.

If you plan to use your financial institution to make all your payments via check, debit card, is a fabulous way to help budget and keep track of your spending! Best of all it
is completely free! Manage your bank account and spending easily. There is even a
mobile phone app to download for free to check out your spending on the go.


Don’t be too strict

A very important tip for any household’s budget is to allow a place to splurge a little.
If you keep a strict budget with no room for unexpected expenses, errors or a little fun
money, then you may end up having to pull from other important areas of your budget and
feel as though you failed. Allow room for a little fun. It will help make saving less painful
and keep you on the right track.


Whatever your savings goal is, make it reasonable. If it’s something very hard to reach, you
will find yourself giving up before you even get started. If you have many things you would
like to save for, start with the smallest priced item. You will reach it faster, and have
that motivation to move on to the next goal with a little more confidence of reaching it.


If you are living paycheck to paycheck and feel you are barely getting by and strapped for
cash, there are some ways to earn money pretty effortlessly each month. Just remember, whatever extra side job you take on or look into, You should NEVER pay for any of it upfront. You will notice on your quest to work at home or earn extra money there will be many scams. If any of them ask for money to get started, it’s a scam. Everytime!


Ways to boost your income:

-Take on a part time job


-Take online surveys (see a list of companies I use)

-Have a yard sale

-Offer services for something you are good at – computer work, yard work, Piano lessons, Web

design, Photography etc

- Clean houses

- Sit with the elderly

- Be a mystery shopper (Remember if they ask for any money to get started, it’s a scam!)

- Sell some of your unwanted items on Craigslist or Ebay

I hope this post gives you the motivation and starting point to get your
household budget underway.
What other tips do you have for sticking within a budget?

newspaper stacks

I actually posted this back last March or April, I found it saved in my documents, but cannot find the post on my site? So Here it is again. My newspaper pile is getting bulky so I needed this refresher!

Those of you who do major couponing probably run into the same problem as I do. Each Sunday comes and new stacks of newspapers are bought, only to be used and abused for their wonderful coupon inserts lurking inside. But aside from just taking those stacks of newspapers to be recycled, what more can be done with them?  It does seem to be of such a waste to see them sitting there.

I have researched various sites and found some really neat ideas of how newspapers can come in handy!

Tip #1  Always keep a couple copies in your car, they work well incase of rain. Especially if you have extra passengers and not enough umbrellas!
They also work well in your car during wet or muddy days to give your mats and carpet extra protection keeping your car in great shape!

Tip #2 Newspapers can come in handy in all types of art and craft projects such as scrapbooking and Paper Mache’, even when not used In the actual project, it can help protect tables and carpets from the glue, paint or paste used in these projects and makes clean up easy! Donate papers to local schools so that can use them for their art projects as well! HERE is a link to a great site with tons of ideas if you want to get into the Paper Mache’ thing!

Tip #3 Use old newspapers to clean windows. Simply crumple a couple sheets of newspapers, spray glass with window cleaner and rub the glass with sheets of newspaper. The glass will sparkle.

Tip #4 Think of any friends or family members who are planning a move soon. Newspapers make perfect protective wraps for breakables or box fillers to make things fit more tightly. Also if you plan on shipping something out, wadded newspaper can make great replacement for those expensive foam peanuts!

Tip #5 Painting jobs: lay newspapers on the floor to catch paint splatters, Or wet sheets of paper and stick on windows when painting window trim, then there are no more splatters on window glass to wipe up!

Tip #6 Line bottoms of Trash Cans incase a garbage bag rips the newspaper will soak up any leaks. Newspaper is also a great odor absorber! Use it to line bottom of Cat Litter boxes, to make changing them and cleaning them easier!

Tip #7  Lay sheets of newspapers in garden beds about 1/4″ inch thick before covering with wood chips, mulch or decorative rocks, will help prevent weed growth. Make sure to thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering with the mulch so they stay in place.

Tip #8 Instead of pricey wrapping paper, wrap your gifts with newspaper! You can add a pretty bow to take away from the blandness or wrap using the comics section!

Tip #9 When you have used all the Toilet Paper, save the cardboard tube. Then tightly roll newspaper to fit inside the tube long ways. Then store in a dry place. Do this each time there is a new empty tube and use them for fire
starters when camping. Some readers have suggested using them in the Winter fireplace, though I think the burning ink would be harmful?

How do you Reuse the Newspapers you have? I would love to hear your ideas!

See More Helpful Tips HERE!

Helpful Tip 1/26 – Easy Way To Peel A Potato!

I absolutely hate to peel potatoes. I remembered an old post
from a blog I used to own years ago about an easy way to peel
potatoes. On my search through my files I finally found the
post and video I was looking for!

Thought I would give it a share.
This would be a time saver if you are going to boil the potatoes
anyway, and  would be helpful to those of you with arthritis or
something else that would make it hard to peel potatoes.
Hope you find this helpful! Let me know if you try this or have
tried it and how well it works for you!

(This video is a bit corny but useful!)

Walmart Stress


I find many great deals at Walmart. It seems like every time I mention
using coupons at Walmart, others begin to rant about how awful shopping
there can be. I totally understand that, and I use to be right there with
those same feelings. In fact, there have been times that I barely made it in
the parking lot before getting stressed about something and just shopping
somewhere else.

Trying to save money and your sanity at Walmart for me has been trial and
error. Many occasions they didn’t have what I needed in stock, they
wouldn’t accept a coupon, and I’ve had to wait in line for what seemed like
hours. But when it comes to saving money, I don’t give up so easily.

When Walmart put out an official coupon policy and started to reach out
and become more coupon friendly, I realized I could save more money
by shopping there on many items! Then they brought in Savings Catcher
and even  Online Competitor Price Matching and it’s totally game on for
massive savings in one stop!

So I wanted to share with you some things that I love about shopping
there along with some tips and things I have learned along the way to help
make shopping at Walmart easier!

#1 Walmart price matches local competitor ads!
They claim that you do not need to bring in the ad to get the price,
however I always do to save time and rule out any possible problems
at checkout. Make sure to also have all your coupons ready before
you get to the checkout, and don’t go to price match during the
busiest shopping times of the day.

A tip about the price matching, think outside of the grocery/household
department! Many items in the sales ads are Food and Household supplies,
But don’t forget about electronics such as Tv’s and Computers. Also
when toys go on hot sales around Christmas time the shelves tend to
clear fast. Just take in the ad, for instance from Target or Toys R Us,
and have Walmart price match. You have a better chance grabbing the
toy there than battling the crowds at the original store!

#2 Walmart allows overages on your coupon purchases!
This is my favorite thing about shopping there. Not many stores will
allow overage, but Walmart does! For instance if you have $3 off coupon
on some razors that are only $1.97, then you can get the $1.03 extra back
in cash or have it applied to other items in your order! We usually apply our
extra towards meat and produce purchases. A great way to get cheap, free
and even items with overage is in the travel section. Many of these items are
only $0.97. Take your binder with you and check to see if you have coupons
for any of those trial sized products. Just make sure your coupon does not
state “excludes trial sizes”  I have scored free toothpaste, dental floss,
laundry detergent, lotions and single packs of medicines such as Nyquil
this way.

#3 Most stores are open 24 Hours.
One of the headaches of shopping at Walmart is the crowd and long lines!
They may be open all day, but it seems there is always a new problem for
which ever time slot you want to shop. There is either no parking, no buggies,
too many shoppers, stockers and boxes in the way, roped off areas for floor
cleaning and insanely long lines! I have been researching for the best times
to shop at Walmart for a while now. The conclusion that I found is it’s best to
shop between 6am-7am. I have found between that time frame, there are
some great parking spots,  the night shift stockers have finished and are now
clear of the aisles plus  many products are now replenished on the shelf.
Though during that time there is only a couple of registers open, there are
hardly any other customers checking out at the same time so the wait is
virtually none.

#4 Their coupon policy is readily available online to print!
This is so important to having a successful shopping haul at Walmart.
Since they have so many stores and tons of employees that come and go,
there are many that aren’t properly trained in coupon acceptance.
This can really stress you out at checkout when a cashier is refusing
your valid coupon.

When this happens, first pull out their coupon policy and show them the
rules. If this doesn’t help, complete your purchase of everything except
the items with coupon problems and then ask the cashier to call over their manager.
Explain the issue with the manager and show them the coupon policy. Most of
the time, they will have you go to the service desk to complete your request.
If however you are faced with a stubborn manager, (they are more than likely
not properly trained in coupon use either) then contact Walmart corporate
office. The store is obviously not trained to follow the correct policies and
procedures and hopefully speaking with the Corporate office will get the ball
rolling so that next time, coupon shopping at your store will be a more pleasurable
experience. Should you encounter problems, remember to call 1-800-Walmart
to give your detailed account of the error.

#5 offers free ship to store.
Should you find that an item you are looking for is out of stock,
check to see if that item is available online, If so, choose the ship
to store option so that shipping is free! I used this method with
many purchases while Christmas shopping last year.

#6 Savings Catcher! Get the App and Use It!!

When you are used to only shopping sales of the best deals
it can be hard to shop just one store. It can save you money
to shop at the various stores in the area for just the items
on sale, however, it is very time consuming. Walmart has
made price matching even easier by creating Savings Catcher!

You simply download the App on your smart phone or device
and then scan the barcode or enter the receipt number of
your Walmart recipt. Savings Catcher then gets to work seeking
out the lowest prices for the items you purchased on that
receipt. I’ve seen them price match Ingles, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens,
Food Lion, Dollar General, Publix, Bi-Lo, Family Dollar and
probably more.

This is  great because even if you have ad matched everything
at the register, if you missed anything on sale, you will still
get credit for it!
It can take a few days for the prices to be tallied and your
savings to show but the amazing thing that happens next
is Walmart gives you credit back for every item you purchased
that was found at a lower price!! The credit that builds up can
be used at or in a Walmart store.

For a bonus, now through 2/28/15 you can earn
2x your rewards by redeeming them on a Bluebird Card!

#7 Online Competitor Price Matching!!

Last but certainly not least, (I think this is my favorite thing
Walmart has started doing) is online competitor price matching!
This is a huge deal for me because I can take my smartphone in
Walmart with me and if there is something I’m thinking of buying,
all I have to do is a quick internet search on my phone for prices
for that particular product. If any of the approved online store
prices are lower, then I can simply show the cashier the ad on
my phone and they will adjust the price for me! This was a HUGE
help at Christmas time. I saved major bucks on new released
video games, movies and gaming headsets that were requested
on Christmas wish lists. I saved over $100 with just 4 purchases
using price match.

You may not be aware but Walmart price matches the following
online merchant prices:
Online retailers are limited to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are just some of the reasons I like to shop at Walmart. Hopefully
you can apply some of these tips to help your shopping trip go smoother!


photo credit is no way affiliated with Walmart
all opinions and experiences in this post are that of my

12 Best Tips For Saving At Publix!

save more at publix more


Publix is a wonderful store and they make it easy to save money in many different ways. As their slogan says: It is definitely a pleasure shopping there. If you are a first time shopper at Publix, you may find sticker shock when looking at their regular shelf prices. Don’t let those prices scare you away. Publix could be your favorite shopping spot for saving money once you learn to utilize all the best tips for shopping there!

#1 Publix Loves BOGO!

Grab their weekly ad flyer and you will quickly see Publix is not afraid to put on some Buy One Get One Free sales. In fact, many of the sales you will find yourself buying will be BOGO. You will also love the fact that most of the time, around half of their BOGO sale items also have a coupon available either to print or in a past newspaper insert that you can use with the low sale prices and score an even better deal!! Lastly, note that you do not have to buy two of the BOGO items to get the sale here in Cleveland. If you only need one of something, it will ring up at 50% off. This also applies to the 10 for $10 type sales. Buying just one is only $1.

#2 Publix Doubles Coupons!

Publix will double your manufacturer coupons with a face value of up to 50¢! So if you use a 50¢ coupon it will really take off $1 on the item! A 40¢ coupon is worth 80¢ and so on!

#3 Learn The Sales Cycles And The Items That Will Run.

Their sales ads tend to repeat the same items/prices every 4-6 weeks. (Most grocery chains  will also do this.) For example, one week General Mills cereal may be on sale, then the next week Post cereals may be on sale. Then there may be a Kellogg’s week, Quaker Oats, Store Brand etc. and then you will notice the sales will start to repeat. Knowing an estimate of the sales cycle can help you plan when to buy your favorite products and how much to buy. It will also help you know which coupons to look for and stock up on before the sale comes around again. The following example can show you how taking advantage of the sales cycles, using coupons and stocking up until the next one can really save you money. EXAMPLE: Dog food coupon example                     Even if you don’t have a pet, imagine the same concept on the items you buy weekly. Laundry Products, Paper products, your favorite cereal. You get the idea. Applying this method to all or many of the items you have to buy each week can really help cut your household needs and grocery bill in half!

#4 Publix Accepts Competitor Coupons

Our Cleveland Publix will gladly accept store coupons from the following competitors: Target, Bi-Lo and Food Lion. Target releases tons of their store coupons to print. I get the best deals with those competitor coupons.

#5 Publix Allows “Stacking” Coupons!

Stacking is the term couponers use when a manufacturer coupon is used with a store coupon on the same item! This makes for a really great deal on items when both types of coupons are available! Sometimes you can score items for free this way! According to Publix coupon policy, you may use one manufacturer coupon and one Publix store coupon or Competitor coupon per item.

#6 Publix Allows Overage!

Should the coupons you are using make an item better than free, Publix allows the overage to be applied to other items in your order! For instance if you were buying some pasta noodles on sale for 79¢ and you have a $1 off coupon, the extra 21¢ will be applied to the rest of your order! I have had some really good experiences with getting items for free with coupons at Publix and almost enough overage to make everything else free too in that purchase!

#7 Publix has Digital Coupons

You can create a free account and load digital coupons attached to your phone number. You just log in and pick the coupons you would like to add in your account and then when you check out, just enter your phone number in the keypad on the payment machine in the checkout lane. The discounts will come off automatically for the items you chose coupons for. Some things to keep in mind about these digital coupons are:

  • These digital coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you will be unable to use a separate paper manufacturer coupon on that item. (You can still use a Publix or competitor coupon though.)
  • The digital coupon is a one time use for one item. For example if you add a coupon for Cheerios, and buy 3 boxes, you will only receive the digital coupon savings on one box.
  • These digital coupons will not double. So if you have a paper version of the coupon, it is better to use that so you can take advantage of the extra doubled savings.Please note: If you have the paper version of the coupon, DO NOT load the digital one to your account because digital coupons come off first and your other coupon will be denied. The only exception is if you are buying more than one of the same item.  For example, You buy 3 boxes of Cheerios and have loaded a 50¢ digital coupon as well as have 2 other 50¢ paper coupons to use. The register will take your 50¢ digital coupon off the first box and then will take your two 50¢ paper coupons and double them to $1 off to discount your last two boxes of Cheerios.

 #8 Publix Has Many Clubs To Join For Extra Coupons!

I love the various clubs that Publix offers. There is something to fit everyone and includes the perks of club member only coupons!

PUBLIX BABY CLUB – This club benefits you from the time you learn you’re expecting until  your child turns two. Members enjoy:

Valuable Coupons For brand-name and Publix-brand baby products.

Free Newsletter  Available in English or Spanish, each issue is packed with helpful tips on parenting, health and nutrition, and recipes—plus, more coupons!

Free Copy of Caring for Your Baby and Young Child The classic parenting guide, which normally costs $20, is free for first-time parents. It’s full of invaluable medical and parenting advice from birth to age five. You’ll turn to it time and time again.


PUBLIX PRESCHOOL PALS – For ages 2-4, Publix PreSchool Pals Club sends  an assortment of surprises that delight and educate, a quarterly newsletter  geared towards parents of two- to four-year olds and special birthday card to your little one each year, with valuable coupons enclosed.


PUBLIX PAWS CLUB – A free club for customers with pets!

Coupons Check your email each month for offers on pet food, accessories, toys, and treats.

Inside Scoop Be the first to know about sales events for pet products.

Expert Advice Get new tips and tricks for helping your pets be their happiest.

#9 If an item rings up at the wrong price, you get it free!

I’ve never been able to experience this, Publix has always been spot-on for me when it came to the prices scanned, however, should an item ever ring up at the wrong advertised price, you  will get that item for free! Should you be buying more than one of those items, only the first one is free and the others will be corrected to the right price.

#10 Publix Has a Mystery Penny Item Each Wednesday!

Every week in the Wednesday newspaper, Publix has a coupon available to get the Mystery Penny Item when you make an  additonal $10 purchase. Often times, this item is something very useful! In past weeks, I have scored Toilet Paper, Juice, Bleach, Bottled Water, Paper Towels and Frozen Pizza! Redeem your coupon at checkout on Wednesday and the item for that week is only 1¢!

#11  Publix offers Rain Checks!

Because their sales are often so great, it is possible for Publix to run out of a sale item that you intended to buy. If you find a sale item out of stock, simply head to their customer service desk up front and request a raincheck.

You can request up to 10 of the same item and the raincheck is good for 30 days. If you planned to use a coupon with the item that was out of stock, you can still use it when you come back to redeem your raincheck. (Even if that coupon had  expired within that 30 days!)

#12 Publix Customer Service Is Like No Other!

I am always amazed at how friendly everyone is at Publix! Before Cleveland had their very own Publix Store, I shopped in Ooltewah and Chattanooga weekly! I have to say that no matter which store I was in, the atmosphere was so pleasant. The employees are beyond helpful from the checkout crew right up to the management. Another thing I have noticed is that management is always within reach. I can’t think of a time that I was in the store and didn’t see one of them. In fact, most times they always greet me and ask if I’m finding  everything I need.

Due to being a couponer, I have had my battles in the Checkout lane. But NEVER at a Publix store. Their staff always seem to be trained well when it comes to  their store coupon policy and they love to see their customers save! 

These are my tips for shopping at Publix. I hope that you find them helpful and share them with others.

5 Tips On Protecting Your Identity Online

5 tips on protecting

I do a lot of shopping online, as a matter of fact I take care of many
things online. Manage my bank account, pay bills, stay in contact
with friends and family and get information I’m looking for on
anything and everything. There is alot of info on the web, and
you want to make sure that yours stays secure.

Luckily, I have never had to deal first hand with identity theft, or
having purchases made that weren’t mine but I do have family and
friends that have had to take care of the mess that was left behind! It can
be very scary and quite a nuisance to handle.

Here are some quick tips and things to consider to help keep your
personal information safe while conducting business online.

Make Your Passwords Very Difficult 

You would think this would be a no brainer, but many people make their
passwords something as simple as their pets name, or their birthday. It’s
not hard for a identity thief to figure this out. There are programs out there
that they use that can quickly go through various words, phrases and digits.
You should create a password that is a good mixture of letters (capital and
lowercase) numbers and special characters.  The following would be a good
example of a hard password to figure out.  J8h!ut6Y$

Keep Passwords Different For Each Account And Change Them Often

You don’t want all of your accounts having the same passwords. If your email
password is compromised and it’s the same as your bank account and credit
card accounts, then you can easily have some trouble become of those accounts
as well. Change your passwords often. If it helps, you can write them down in a notebook
and keep them locked away in a safe or other place you keep your valuables hidden.

Use Prepaid Cards For Purchases

To keep your credit cards and bank accounts safe, use prepaid cards
to make your purchases online. You can keep whatever amount you
would like on them and will have the piece of mind that they are not
attached to your personal bank account or credit cards.

Pay Close Attention To Giving Out Your SS#

There may be many places online that ask for the
last four of your SS#. Many people feel safe giving out
this info since it’s only four numbers. But keep in mind
that identity thieves can find out a lot with just those
last four numbers, and it isn’t hard for them to figure
out your full social considering the first 3 digits of your
social pertain to the area in which you were born or where
the number was applied for. So always make sure it is absolutely
necessary before giving out any form of your SS#.

Keep A Watch On Your Credit Report

Did you know that you have access to your Credit Report
for FREE once a year? If you go to
you can request your credit report once a year. Monitor your
report often so that you can be aware of any  changes, open accounts
that you don’t recognize or requests to see your report from a company
that you aren’t familiar.  If you notice items like this, make sure to dispute
them with that credit reporting agency. It is also helpful to put a fraud
alert on your account as well. The top 3 credit reporting agencies are:


Each of those sites can tell you more about how you can protect
your credit and report any errors you find.

What other tips do you have to protect against identity theft?

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