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Publix is a wonderful store and they make it easy to save money in many different ways. As their slogan says: It is definitely a pleasure shopping there. If you are a first time shopper at Publix, you may find sticker shock when looking at their regular shelf prices. Don’t let those prices scare you away. Publix could be your favorite shopping spot for saving money once you learn to utilize all the best tips for shopping there!

#1 Publix Loves BOGO!

Grab their weekly ad flyer and you will quickly see Publix is not afraid to put on some Buy One Get One Free sales. In fact, many of the sales you will find yourself buying will be BOGO. You will also love the fact that most of the time, around half of their BOGO sale items also have a coupon available either to print or in a past newspaper insert that you can use with the low sale prices and score an even better deal!! Lastly, note that you do not have to buy two of the BOGO items to get the sale here in Cleveland. If you only need one of something, it will ring up at 50% off. This also applies to the 10 for $10 type sales. Buying just one is only $1.

#2 Publix Doubles Coupons!

Publix will double your manufacturer coupons with a face value of up to 50¢! So if you use a 50¢ coupon it will really take off $1 on the item! A 40¢ coupon is worth 80¢ and so on!

#3 Learn The Sales Cycles And The Items That Will Run.

Their sales ads tend to repeat the same items/prices every 4-6 weeks. (Most grocery chains  will also do this.) For example, one week General Mills cereal may be on sale, then the next week Post cereals may be on sale. Then there may be a Kellogg’s week, Quaker Oats, Store Brand etc. and then you will notice the sales will start to repeat. Knowing an estimate of the sales cycle can help you plan when to buy your favorite products and how much to buy. It will also help you know which coupons to look for and stock up on before the sale comes around again. The following example can show you how taking advantage of the sales cycles, using coupons and stocking up until the next one can really save you money. EXAMPLE: Dog food coupon example                     Even if you don’t have a pet, imagine the same concept on the items you buy weekly. Laundry Products, Paper products, your favorite cereal. You get the idea. Applying this method to all or many of the items you have to buy each week can really help cut your household needs and grocery bill in half!

#4 Publix Accepts Competitor Coupons

Our Cleveland Publix will gladly accept store coupons from the following competitors: Target, Bi-Lo and Food Lion. Target releases tons of their store coupons to print. I get the best deals with those competitor coupons.

#5 Publix Allows “Stacking” Coupons!

Stacking is the term couponers use when a manufacturer coupon is used with a store coupon on the same item! This makes for a really great deal on items when both types of coupons are available! Sometimes you can score items for free this way! According to Publix coupon policy, you may use one manufacturer coupon and one Publix store coupon or Competitor coupon per item.

#6 Publix Allows Overage!

Should the coupons you are using make an item better than free, Publix allows the overage to be applied to other items in your order! For instance if you were buying some pasta noodles on sale for 79¢ and you have a $1 off coupon, the extra 21¢ will be applied to the rest of your order! I have had some really good experiences with getting items for free with coupons at Publix and almost enough overage to make everything else free too in that purchase!

#7 Publix has Digital Coupons

You can create a free account and load digital coupons attached to your phone number. You just log in and pick the coupons you would like to add in your account and then when you check out, just enter your phone number in the keypad on the payment machine in the checkout lane. The discounts will come off automatically for the items you chose coupons for. Some things to keep in mind about these digital coupons are:

  • These digital coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you will be unable to use a separate paper manufacturer coupon on that item. (You can still use a Publix or competitor coupon though.)
  • The digital coupon is a one time use for one item. For example if you add a coupon for Cheerios, and buy 3 boxes, you will only receive the digital coupon savings on one box.
  • These digital coupons will not double. So if you have a paper version of the coupon, it is better to use that so you can take advantage of the extra doubled savings.Please note: If you have the paper version of the coupon, DO NOT load the digital one to your account because digital coupons come off first and your other coupon will be denied. The only exception is if you are buying more than one of the same item.  For example, You buy 3 boxes of Cheerios and have loaded a 50¢ digital coupon as well as have 2 other 50¢ paper coupons to use. The register will take your 50¢ digital coupon off the first box and then will take your two 50¢ paper coupons and double them to $1 off to discount your last two boxes of Cheerios.

 #8 Publix Has Many Clubs To Join For Extra Coupons!

I love the various clubs that Publix offers. There is something to fit everyone and includes the perks of club member only coupons!

PUBLIX BABY CLUB – This club benefits you from the time you learn you’re expecting until  your child turns two. Members enjoy:

Valuable Coupons For brand-name and Publix-brand baby products.

Free Newsletter  Available in English or Spanish, each issue is packed with helpful tips on parenting, health and nutrition, and recipes—plus, more coupons!

Free Copy of Caring for Your Baby and Young Child The classic parenting guide, which normally costs $20, is free for first-time parents. It’s full of invaluable medical and parenting advice from birth to age five. You’ll turn to it time and time again.


PUBLIX PRESCHOOL PALS – For ages 2-4, Publix PreSchool Pals Club sends  an assortment of surprises that delight and educate, a quarterly newsletter  geared towards parents of two- to four-year olds and special birthday card to your little one each year, with valuable coupons enclosed.


PUBLIX PAWS CLUB – A free club for customers with pets!

Coupons Check your email each month for offers on pet food, accessories, toys, and treats.

Inside Scoop Be the first to know about sales events for pet products.

Expert Advice Get new tips and tricks for helping your pets be their happiest.

#9 If an item rings up at the wrong price, you get it free!

I’ve never been able to experience this, Publix has always been spot-on for me when it came to the prices scanned, however, should an item ever ring up at the wrong advertised price, you  will get that item for free! Should you be buying more than one of those items, only the first one is free and the others will be corrected to the right price.

#10 Publix Has a Mystery Penny Item Each Wednesday!

Every week in the Wednesday newspaper, Publix has a coupon available to get the Mystery Penny Item when you make an  additonal $10 purchase. Often times, this item is something very useful! In past weeks, I have scored Toilet Paper, Juice, Bleach, Bottled Water, Paper Towels and Frozen Pizza! Redeem your coupon at checkout on Wednesday and the item for that week is only 1¢!

#11  Publix offers Rain Checks!

Because their sales are often so great, it is possible for Publix to run out of a sale item that you intended to buy. If you find a sale item out of stock, simply head to their customer service desk up front and request a raincheck.

You can request up to 10 of the same item and the raincheck is good for 30 days. If you planned to use a coupon with the item that was out of stock, you can still use it when you come back to redeem your raincheck. (Even if that coupon had  expired within that 30 days!)

#12 Publix Customer Service Is Like No Other!

I am always amazed at how friendly everyone is at Publix! Before Cleveland had their very own Publix Store, I shopped in Ooltewah and Chattanooga weekly! I have to say that no matter which store I was in, the atmosphere was so pleasant. The employees are beyond helpful from the checkout crew right up to the management. Another thing I have noticed is that management is always within reach. I can’t think of a time that I was in the store and didn’t see one of them. In fact, most times they always greet me and ask if I’m finding  everything I need.

Due to being a couponer, I have had my battles in the Checkout lane. But NEVER at a Publix store. Their staff always seem to be trained well when it comes to  their store coupon policy and they love to see their customers save! 

These are my tips for shopping at Publix. I hope that you find them helpful and share them with others.

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