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I find many great deals at Walmart. It seems like every time I mention
using coupons at Walmart, others begin to rant about how awful shopping
there can be. I totally understand that, and I use to be right there with
those same feelings. In fact, there have been times that I barely made it in
the parking lot before getting stressed about something and just shopping
somewhere else.

Trying to save money and your sanity at Walmart for me has been trial and
error. Many occasions they didn’t have what I needed in stock, they
wouldn’t accept a coupon, and I’ve had to wait in line for what seemed like
hours. But when it comes to saving money, I don’t give up so easily.

When Walmart put out an official coupon policy and started to reach out
and become more coupon friendly, I realized I could save more money
by shopping there on many items! Then they brought in Savings Catcher
and even  Online Competitor Price Matching and it’s totally game on for
massive savings in one stop!

So I wanted to share with you some things that I love about shopping
there along with some tips and things I have learned along the way to help
make shopping at Walmart easier!

#1 Walmart price matches local competitor ads!
They claim that you do not need to bring in the ad to get the price,
however I always do to save time and rule out any possible problems
at checkout. Make sure to also have all your coupons ready before
you get to the checkout, and don’t go to price match during the
busiest shopping times of the day.

A tip about the price matching, think outside of the grocery/household
department! Many items in the sales ads are Food and Household supplies,
But don’t forget about electronics such as Tv’s and Computers. Also
when toys go on hot sales around Christmas time the shelves tend to
clear fast. Just take in the ad, for instance from Target or Toys R Us,
and have Walmart price match. You have a better chance grabbing the
toy there than battling the crowds at the original store!

#2 Walmart allows overages on your coupon purchases!
This is my favorite thing about shopping there. Not many stores will
allow overage, but Walmart does! For instance if you have $3 off coupon
on some razors that are only $1.97, then you can get the $1.03 extra back
in cash or have it applied to other items in your order! We usually apply our
extra towards meat and produce purchases. A great way to get cheap, free
and even items with overage is in the travel section. Many of these items are
only $0.97. Take your binder with you and check to see if you have coupons
for any of those trial sized products. Just make sure your coupon does not
state “excludes trial sizes”  I have scored free toothpaste, dental floss,
laundry detergent, lotions and single packs of medicines such as Nyquil
this way.

#3 Most stores are open 24 Hours.
One of the headaches of shopping at Walmart is the crowd and long lines!
They may be open all day, but it seems there is always a new problem for
which ever time slot you want to shop. There is either no parking, no buggies,
too many shoppers, stockers and boxes in the way, roped off areas for floor
cleaning and insanely long lines! I have been researching for the best times
to shop at Walmart for a while now. The conclusion that I found is it’s best to
shop between 6am-7am. I have found between that time frame, there are
some great parking spots,  the night shift stockers have finished and are now
clear of the aisles plus  many products are now replenished on the shelf.
Though during that time there is only a couple of registers open, there are
hardly any other customers checking out at the same time so the wait is
virtually none.

#4 Their coupon policy is readily available online to print!
This is so important to having a successful shopping haul at Walmart.
Since they have so many stores and tons of employees that come and go,
there are many that aren’t properly trained in coupon acceptance.
This can really stress you out at checkout when a cashier is refusing
your valid coupon.

When this happens, first pull out their coupon policy and show them the
rules. If this doesn’t help, complete your purchase of everything except
the items with coupon problems and then ask the cashier to call over their manager.
Explain the issue with the manager and show them the coupon policy. Most of
the time, they will have you go to the service desk to complete your request.
If however you are faced with a stubborn manager, (they are more than likely
not properly trained in coupon use either) then contact Walmart corporate
office. The store is obviously not trained to follow the correct policies and
procedures and hopefully speaking with the Corporate office will get the ball
rolling so that next time, coupon shopping at your store will be a more pleasurable
experience. Should you encounter problems, remember to call 1-800-Walmart
to give your detailed account of the error.

#5 offers free ship to store.
Should you find that an item you are looking for is out of stock,
check to see if that item is available online, If so, choose the ship
to store option so that shipping is free! I used this method with
many purchases while Christmas shopping last year.

#6 Savings Catcher! Get the App and Use It!!

When you are used to only shopping sales of the best deals
it can be hard to shop just one store. It can save you money
to shop at the various stores in the area for just the items
on sale, however, it is very time consuming. Walmart has
made price matching even easier by creating Savings Catcher!

You simply download the App on your smart phone or device
and then scan the barcode or enter the receipt number of
your Walmart recipt. Savings Catcher then gets to work seeking
out the lowest prices for the items you purchased on that
receipt. I’ve seen them price match Ingles, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens,
Food Lion, Dollar General, Publix, Bi-Lo, Family Dollar and
probably more.

This is  great because even if you have ad matched everything
at the register, if you missed anything on sale, you will still
get credit for it!
It can take a few days for the prices to be tallied and your
savings to show but the amazing thing that happens next
is Walmart gives you credit back for every item you purchased
that was found at a lower price!! The credit that builds up can
be used at or in a Walmart store.

For a bonus, now through 2/28/15 you can earn
2x your rewards by redeeming them on a Bluebird Card!

#7 Online Competitor Price Matching!!

Last but certainly not least, (I think this is my favorite thing
Walmart has started doing) is online competitor price matching!
This is a huge deal for me because I can take my smartphone in
Walmart with me and if there is something I’m thinking of buying,
all I have to do is a quick internet search on my phone for prices
for that particular product. If any of the approved online store
prices are lower, then I can simply show the cashier the ad on
my phone and they will adjust the price for me! This was a HUGE
help at Christmas time. I saved major bucks on new released
video games, movies and gaming headsets that were requested
on Christmas wish lists. I saved over $100 with just 4 purchases
using price match.

You may not be aware but Walmart price matches the following
online merchant prices:
Online retailers are limited to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are just some of the reasons I like to shop at Walmart. Hopefully
you can apply some of these tips to help your shopping trip go smoother!


photo credit is no way affiliated with Walmart
all opinions and experiences in this post are that of my

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