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The next Home Depot Kid’s Workshop event will be on
Saturday, May 2nd from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. This
event is free, but you must pre-register to participate.
Your child will be building a Picket Fence Photo Frame!

Head over to register for this free, fun event!


caring is the leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. Their mission: to help the helpers. They equip family caregivers to make better decisions, save time and money, and feel less alone — and less stressed — as they face the many challenges of caregiving. 

To request info, find local options, schedule tours or just see what
options may work best for your situation, visit

bilo little remedies


While at Bi-Lo today, I picked up some Little Remedies
Infant Fever/Pain Reliever (2oz) The shelf price is
marked at $6.99, however, it scans for $1.75!!

There is a coupon available to print through
Little Remedies Free Rewards Program.
It’s value is $2.00 off any Little Remedies
product, which made this FREE!

It’s Free to sign up for their rewards program
and then you have many different options to
build up some reward points (like watch short
videos, share the rewards program on Twitter,
use their symptom checker, etc.) You will be
able to earn enough points to get this coupon
today! Then head to Bi-Lo to get this deal!
It’s only for the 2 oz size.

Even at $1.75, it is a great deal. I love Little
Remedies products! (Another product I love
for babues is the new Dreft Beads! AND There is a
$2 coupon to print here for you to try those!)

I also picked up a few other great deals
at their One Day Sale today using coupons to
maximize my savings!!

2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Reg $3.49ea Sale $1.85 ea
Used TWO $0.50/1 printable coupons here (Doubled!)
Paid $1.70 for two boxes!

3 Bagel Bites – Reg $2.69 Sale $1.35 each
Used $1.50/3 printable coupon (offer ended)
Paid: $3.00 for all 3!

1 Clear Value Bleach (128oz) – Reg $2.49 Sale $1.00

Total before taxes, sales and coupons on all these items
Plus the Little Remedies would have been $24.53

BUT I saved a total of $19.08 with coupons and sales!

How did you do at Bi-Lo this week?



Cookouts are a wonderful way for family and friends
to get together. We have already used our grill a few
times since the start of Spring!

We recently moved into a new home and will be hosting
a cookout for Memorial Day weekend. In the  past I
have found if I don’t plan ahead, I can really go
overboard and spend a fortune on the supplies needed for
the event.

Here are the steps we are taking to keep the costs low for
our upcoming family cookout.


Make A Plan, Write It Down!

One helpful way to save money on your cookout is to
plan a detailed list of everything! How many guests
will be there? What would you like  to serve?
The items you will need, etc. Compare your list of
needed items with what you already have on hand
and then shop for only what you need. Knowing
what you have on hand will prevent you from buying
too much, and having a list helps you to get everything
you need without having to return to the store and
paying higher prices.

If you aren’t planning a big feast, or maybe it’s more
in your budget to keep it small, then put your focus on
fun and cheap activities that everyone will love!
Your local dollar store will have many fun outside Summer
toys to keep the children entertained. If you don’t have a pool,
you can bring out the sprinkler, water balloons and other
water related toys. The adults may enjoy karaoke, board & card
games or set up a volleyball tent.

The earlier you can plan your event, the more money you can
save at the store. It will give you more sales ads to browse
through, or more time to hold out for an item to go on sale.
Fortunately during the summer months, you will see tons of
the staples you need for your cookout frequently on sale, which
most of the time saves you 50% right from the start! To really
maximize those savings use coupons on top of the sale!
You will see those savings go up to at least 70% off and
sometimes get products for free!
Don’t be afraid to swtich up your menu a little if you see
something else go on sale that will work better as a side or
main dish.

Some Other Tips To Help You Save

It’s  best to comparison shop for all your needs, but if you
are having trouble finding a great deal on paper products,
then it’s best to stick to your local dollar store for those
purchases. Paper plates, napkins, cups etc., especially
those with holiday designs, can take up a big part of your
cookout budget. Shopping at a dollar store can cut that
area of your spending in half.

Another area to cut the price in half is on your bread.
Purchase buns and snack cakes at a local bakery outlet
to save at least 50% than shopping a regular grocery store.

When making burgers, add bread crumbs or dried oats
to your raw meat mixture before making them into patties,
this will thicken the recipe and you will be able to make
more hamburgers for your buck!

While you are on the meat aisle, be on the lookout for
packages with peelies on them where if you buy that meat
product you can save money on charcoal or even get your
barbecue sauce for free.

If you’re planning for a large guest list, perhaps have each
household bring a dish or desert then plan out what each
person is bringing so you can be sure to have just enough
of what you need.

What are your best savings tips for hosting a cookout?

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It’s another Kid’s Bowl Free Summer! Though it doesn’t appear
that Cleveland, TN is on the list, Pin Strikes in Chattanooga is.
So if you are looking for something budget friendly to do
with the kiddos this Summer, Chattanooga is a short drive.

Pin Strikes
6241 Perimeter Drive #109
Chattanooga, TN, 37421
(423) 710-3530

Kid’s Bowl Free Event runs from May 15th – August 15th.
Two Free Games per day for children 15 and younger.

To participate in the Kid’s Bowl Free event, you MUST register
your child(ren) at this site.

Then, follow the steps to print out your kids bowl for free pass.
At most bowling alleys you can get up to two free passes per day.
Bowling Shoes required, but rentals are available. There is also
a Summer Shoe Rental Pass for $14.99 per person, which is a
great deal if you plan to bowl alot during this event.
Offer expires 8/15.

Did your family enjoy this free event during past Summers?



In an effort to help save the bees, Cascadian Farm is offering a Free Organic,
Native Wildflower seed packet to those who request it. (While supplies last)


Get your FREE organic, native wildflower seeds* by filling in the short form
here and clicking “submit.” Cascadian Farm will send a packet of seeds
to you just in time for planting season.

See other freebies available here!

Olive garden unlimited


Tomorrow is Monday and Monday’s can be rough! However, if you are an
Olive Garden lover, then this news may cheer you up and have you looking
forward to even a Monday! (Well, at least for lunch time!)

Olive Garden rolls out their unlimited Soup, Salad and Bread Sticks Lunch
for $5! You will need to grab this coupon to get the deal! Coupon is only
valid Monday – Friday until 4PM Expires 4/24/15  Also keep in mind
that this coupon is valid for one person per check and is Dine-In only.

Free Sample Of Allegra Allergy!

Complete the online form to receive one free sample of Allegra Allergy.
Limit one sample per household. Duplicate requests will not be honored.
While supplies last.

Garden fun on a budget


The weather has been very nice lately. I’ve been finding excuses to spend more time outside, and that really has me thinking I would love to finally start that vegetable garden I have always wanted.

Gardening Can Help You Save Money

I don’t have much of a green thumb, but would love to be able to save money on produce by growing some of my favorites! The cost of fruits and vegetables is rising and produce coupons are rare. I am always looking for ways to save money, so a garden seems like a venture I am ready to pursue!

The When, How, What and Where of Gardening

If you’re like me, you may need some help getting started. There are so many questions to ask when it comes to starting a garden. Basically the when, how, what and where of it all!

I’ve been doing lots of research, and some of the ideas I want to try are:

  • Growing herbs indoors
  • Building a raised bed
  • And planting a bean teepee!

I thought I would share with you the info I have found on doing each of these projects!

Growing Herbs Indoors

indoor herb garden


Herb gardens are fairly easy to maintain, which is the main reason this peaked my interest. Buying herbs at the market can really be hard on the grocery budget. You can start by either buying seed packets, or healthy seedlings. Basil, Rosemary, Mint and Oregano are some of the best herbs to grow indoors. It requires a container with good drainage and adequate amount of sunlight where you choose to place your herbs. You can check out a tutorial for building an
indoor herb garden here.

Raised Bed Garden

raised bed garden


I’m really looking into building a raised garden. It seems to fit my gardening style and looks fairly easy for beginners. A raised bed benefits those with small spaces, limited mobility or poor soil with inadequate drainage.

Tips for Building Your Raise Garden Bed:

● Pick your location (make sure it has access to atleast 6 hours of sunlight daily)
● Decide on a height or your box – generally 8 – 12inches and pick your wood, make sure it is a non-rotting wood.
● Build your frame by forming a box with the wood and screwing together.

(You can also choose to purchase the click-together raised bed set from Home Depot for 28.97!)

● Fill your raised bed with bagged topsoil or high-quality potting soil.
● Choose the vegetables, flowers and herbs you would like to plant

Bean Teepee

bean tee pee hd


Children are always excited to dig in the dirt! I think having a garden and including your child in the busy work is a fun idea and great learning experience for them. Depending on the child, they may just want a garden or something special of their own! I began to look for ideas and found this great idea to build a bean teepee!  I think this will be a fun family activity this Spring/Summer!

Home Depot Garden Club has great instructions on How to Build a Bean Teepee. Check it out for a fun sunny day activity with your kids!

If you are looking for ideas to help get you started gardening or outdoor fun, check out the Home Depot Garden Club! It’s free to join and you will have valuable tips and tricks at your fingertips for all your outdoor needs! In fact, all of the ideas I posted above were found online through the Garden Club and you can find more info to the projects I listed above plus many more at their site! PLUS you will
get a special $5 off coupon just for signing up!!

I would love to hear about any outdoor projects you are planning on tackling this Spring!

24 Hour Fitness – Free 7 Day Pass!



Free Group Passes

Work Out At Any Club

No Appointment Needed

*Pass is valid beginning on your first day of usage at a club. Pass good at multiple locations. User must not have been a guest or member of 24 Hour Fitness within the last 6 months. Photo ID required. Local residents only. No other discounts can be used with this offer. Must be at least 18 years old

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