If you will have a student attending Blythe-Bower
Elementary school this 2015 – 2016 school year,
here is their school supply list. Should you find
a really great deal on any of the supplies listed
below, please come back to share it with other
parents in the comments below. Thank you!!

Other School Supply List For Our Area


1- Box Gallon size Zip Lock Bags (slider only)

1- Box Quart size Zip Lock Bags (slider only)

2- Solid Color Plastic Pocket Folders /no Prongs

1 can of Lysol

3 Skinny-Expo Dry erase markers (black)



**Please do not write names on any items.**

2-Expo dry erase markers

1 box- Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags

1 box- Quart Size Zip Lock Bags

2- Pink Erasers

2-purple plastic folders



1- Pencil Top Erasers Package

1- Small Plastic School Box (standard size)

2- Plastic Folders with holes

2- 1 inch binders with pockets and clear sleeve on front

1- Box Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags

1- Box Quart Size Zip Lock Bags

4- Black dry erase markers



1-zippered Trapper keeper

4- Pocket Folders w/prongs (red, blue,
yellow, green – do not purchase the plastic folders)

3 (1 inch) 3 ring binders

1-box of markers

1-box each gallon and quart sized ziploc bags

1-box expo markers



1- Quart Size Zip Lock Bags

4 of the 3-hole punched pocket folders (red, blue, yellow,

1- Box of Colored Pencils

1-Box of Red Pens

1- Box of Markers

4 pk of expo markers

1 Trapper Keeper



1- ZIPPERED Trapper Keeper

1-4pack dry erase markers (MATH)

6- Folders (1 each of red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and green

1- highlighter

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