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If you have a student attending Ocoee Middle this
2015-2016 school year, here is the school supply
list for each grade.

This is a community website and it
would be extremely helpful should you find a
great deal while shopping for items on these
lists, if you would share the amazing deals
that others may miss! Just leave a comment
below letting us know what store has which
item at a steal! Thank you so much!

Other School Supply List For Our Area


  1. Two packs #2 pencils – One  collected by Homeroom Teacher
  2. One pen for in-class Language Arts Work Checking
  3. Two packs wide ruled notebook paper (NO COLLEGE RULE!)
  4. One pack hole reinforcements
  5. One binder with minimum 2 Inch ring
  6. One pack colored pencils
  7. One pack highlighters
  8. One Pack tab dividers (at least 8)
  9. One Texas Instrument  TI-34 II OR TI-34 Multiview Calculator
  10. One 3×5 Ruled index cards
  11. Two Spiral Notebooks for Language Arts Class
  12. One Spiral Notebook for Social Studies
  13. One pack Post-it notes for Language Arts Class
  14. One hand held pencil Sharpener
  15. One pack small Expo Markers to use with student
  16. Whiteboards Plus Small Eraser


The following items are not required but GREATLY APPRECIATED:
Two box Kleenex (For homeroom class)
One Roll household paper towels (For homeroom class)
****  Cleaning Supplies (Windex, 409, Fantastic)
****   Antibacterial Wipes
****   Hand Sanitizer



1. Binder (large enough to hold 5 subject dividers/folders,
loose leaf paper, two workbooks, and a pencil pouch)

2. Pencil Pouch

3. Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper

4. Pencils

5. 1 Pack of Colored Pencils

6. Dry Erase Marker

7. Glue Sticks

8. Calculator (TI-34 Multiview)

9. 1 Pack of 5 Notebook Dividers (with or without pockets)

10. $5.00 Science Fee

The following items are not required but GREATLY
APPRECIATED! These items will be given to your
homeroom teacher.

*Paper Towels
*Cleaning Supplies
*Antibacterial Wipes
*Hand Sanitizer



One 3 Ring Binder – Trapper Keepers are acceptable (2 inch recommended)

Wide/Regular Standard Rule Paper

Four Composition Notebooks

One Package Graph Paper

One Texas Instrument Calculator (TI-34 Multiview)

Two Packs of Dividers (with labels)

Two 2-pocket folder with prongs

#2 Pencils

Two Red Pens

Black or Blue Pens

One Pack Colored Pencils

One Highligher (any color)

One pack of index cards

The following items are not required bu GREATLY APPRECIATED:
Paper Towels
Spray Cleaner (Windex, 409, etc.)
Disinfecting Wipes/Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

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