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Welcome to my blog! Look around and make yourselves at home!
I hope you find this site very helpful!

I am a stay at home mommy to two beautiful  girls, a 13 year old and an eighth month old.
Saving money is my passion  and I enjoy helping others save money and get closer to
achieving their savings goals and/or dreams of being debt free.

How I Began Couponing

   I became a stay at home mom in 2008, things were really tight
and I wanted to feel like I was still able to contribute to household income.
One afternoon at a mommy playgroup, another mom was talking about how
her grocery budget has really gone down since couponing. I was really intrigued
by the conversation and as soon as I was home that evening I began learning
everything there was to know about coupons! I began saving so much each grocery
trip that others began asking me how I did each transaction. That was when the birth
of my very first blog, thefrugalfreeloader, was born. I found that I enjoyed blogging
as much as saving money and made a part time job out of it! I know what it’s like to shop for
a household of 2 and a household of 11! Couponing has made all the difference in the world
on our finances!

In 2011 I was contacted by Bi-Lo to help with the launch of their fuelperks! promotion
with a video review of my shopping trip on my site.

Also in 2012 I won the $100,000 Cheap Sally Bring Home The Bacon Dream Job in
which I wrote articles for their blog for the entire year. I was up against 3000 other
bloggers and savers and by the end of the competition I was recognized as America’s Top
Couponer. I learned so much from that experience, both personal and financial, that it
pushed me more into wanting to help others  further when it came to saving money.
Also in 2012, I was contacted twice by the producer of TLC Extreme Couponing, which
I quickly declined. (I don’t agree with some of the shows couponing procedures or how they
portray couponing in general)

After my contract ended with Cheap Sally, I decided to start helping more in my
local community and started this site. (FrugalinCleveland) I love this town and
am very passionate in seeing it thrive. I am a lover of small businesses and will promote
them as much as possible! If you need help spreading the word about your business or maybe
a promotion you are running, let me know and I will get it out there! (Never charging you a penny!)

I try to share deals as much as possible and I have found it very challenging with a new
little one in the picture to keep things updated as much as I’d like. Just be patient with
me, some days are more hectic than others!

mygirls about

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me either through
email Frugalincleveland  or send me a message through Facebook
I’m here to help you and will answer as soon as I can!

Here are some links you may find helpful just starting out:
Coupon 101 Series 

Beginner’s Guide – Household Budget

How to shop stress-free at Walmart

12 Best Tips for saving money at Publix

Store Coupon Policies




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