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As our fan base grows we will have need for advertisers on
our page. If you have a local business that you would like
to advertise on this site, we would love to offer assistance
with that. A little about our site and readers:

The majority reader base of is
that of the Cleveland, TN area, though there are many
views from this Southeast region including parts of
Georgia. Our fans are primarily seeking deals and
coupons, tips on saving money and fun events in the
area. Our Facebook page is at 1700 fans+ ;
Twitter Followers at 2300+ and Pinterest  1900+

Send over an email to frugalincleveland (AT) Gmail(Dot)com
and we will answer any questions you have regarding the
advertising process. We may also take into consideration
of link or banner trade. If you have a site you can advertise
our website, we can in exchange, advertise yours equally.

Some of the advertising packages we will offer

Sidebar Ad Banner on

This ad will be above the fold and in your choice
of size 125X125, 300X250.

The 125×125 will be $10 a month and at launch
will have 6 spots available. There is an option for
month at $25.

The 300×250 will be $15 a month with only one
spot at launch. There will be an option of 3 month
for $40.

Ads will be displayed in monthly intervals and displayed
in order of first come, first serve.


Advertising in post.

This option will have an article or short post
written about your business as well as
any specials or coupons you may be running.
This advertisement option will also be shared
twice on each of our social network platforms
(Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) the week it is
posted. To have a post advertisement and share
is only $10 per post.


Advertising with Social Networks.

This option, we will share your business Facebook
Page, Twitter, or Website with all of our Social
Network communities.
You decide the number of times/platforms to share
per day/week.

This is just a little of how our advertising will work
and help you grow your business.


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