bargain hunt2

This deal is actually in Chattanooga, but I know there are
many of you that work in that area. If not, it’s still worth
the drive to check this out!!

I found full size bed in bag sets for $7.90!! 5 Piece
Curtain sets for $2!! I’m very pleased with  my visit!


Bargain hunt deals

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bargain
Hunt, they are a big store that has many discounted
items. I think it’s from closing stores and overstock
items, things like that. What makes these deals
so great is when an item comes in, they sticker it
with a date that sales will begin on that item. For
instance 10% off price marked.  A couple weeks
later the items with that date get moved to the
20% off, then couple more weeks 30% off and
so on.  So you are literally in the store bargain
hunting and browsing through looking for
older sticker dated items (Sometimes finding
things for 90% off!)  See below for an example:

bargain hunt


Bargain Hunt is off the East Brainerd Road Exit on
I-75 in the old School Box building. To learn more
about this store, visit their site here

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