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Saving money and sticking to a budget play an important
role to your financial health. Whether clipping coupons,
comparing prices or setting weekly/monthly budget goals,
you are on the right track.

Keeping track of your credit score and report are also
important factors in maintaining a healthy financial life.
The better your score, the better interest rates will be for
your needs in the future, whether for a car, home or
emergency purchase. You will save more money on
interest on these purchases based on the fact of your
credit worthiness.

You can check your credit score and get a free credit
report as well as continue to keep track of things that
may be running in the background. Tips on how to
improve your score are also helpful. There are NO strings
attached, No free trials and there is NO credit card required!

Head over and take a look at your credit score and find
ways to help maintain or improve it!


Don’t you hate when you see offers for free products and then
when you go to sign up they want a credit card or for you
to sign up for a free trial or jump through a million hoops,
hand over your first born child…You get the point! Well
I am happy to tell you how you can get your FREE Credit
Score and know it TODAY without any money, credit cards
free trials etc!


I’m pretty good about knowing what’s going on in my credit report
but when it comes to my score, it seems I always have to pay to
see it and usually just skip that part. I’ve come across sites that
offer free credit scores and they are never what they seem.

You’ve probably seen things like this in the past and as soon as you
go to the site it’s asking for a Credit card and offering you a free trial
that you have to remember to cancel! I HATE those things, plus I
don’t like random companies having access to my funds.

So, if you would like to check your credit score today head
over and sign up for Credit Sesame! You can click on the
banner at the top or bottom of this post to take you to your
free score. It’s 100% FREE and secure.
They will ask a few questions to verify who you are and then
you will have access to your score. They never ask for your
credit card or any money for it.

My credit score

Credit Sesame has other free sections on the site as well and
they do have some things you can sign up for in a paid subscription
however none of this is necessary to check your score for free


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