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If you have a Lego fanatic in your home, THIS is the club to join!!
Legos are super pricey, even the smaller sets. Just walking down
that aisle in toys makes my jaw drop! has a wonderful monthly program to join for the Lego
lover of all ages!! I think this is genius! Best of all they have a
Free Trial. Here is the scoop on this offer.

Choose From 100′s of Lego Sets delivered right to your door.
A No-risk Free Trial is available.
Rent LEGO® Sets $15
/month – (up to $75 value)
Lost a piece? We won’t charge!  -(This is great!)
Legos are Clean and sanitized. Free shipping both ways!! (That is fantastic!)


If you would like to check it out, head over to see what the buzz is
about and start your free trial!

Are you a music lover? If so, you may want to give Rhapsody a try!
Right now you can sign up for a 30 day Free trial! If you like it,
it’s only $9.99 a month for a premier account! If not you can cancel
anytime! Try it out today!

Learn With Homer – 30 Day Free Trial

Here is a great new app for all of the parents and child care
providers who want to add a fun new learning tool into their
daily routines!


The Homer Method combines the best research on how children
learn & the newest innovation in game design to offer direct to
families a learning system that builds reading confidence and
academic success.

No need to trick your child into learning. With hours of lessons,
a vast library of stories and songs, and hundreds of virtual field trips,
the world of Homer is so fun and engaging, you’ll be lucky if you can
get your iPad back!

A child’s reading level at the end of 3rd grade is the biggest predictor
of future academic success. There’s no time to waste in the early years.
The Homer Method leads to mastery, encouraging every child to build
skills, vocabulary and knowledge.

Try it Now for free!

Try A Free Demo From Rosetta Stone!


You’ve seen the commercials for the language tools from
Rosetta Stone, right? Well, if you have ever wanted to
give  them a try, now is the time to demo it for Free!
Head over and sign up for a FREE Rosetta Stone Demo.
Everyday is  a good day to learn something!

Grab This Freebie


FREE Audiobook Download Of Your Choice!!

Head over and try Audible for 30 days absolutely FREE! When
you sign up you will also receive a credit to use any a free audio book
of your choice! Is there a new book out that you have been wanting?
Now is the time to get it! Click the Audible ad above to get started.

Lose Weight! One Week Free Trial Of NuMi!

I have a new offer for you for weightloss! You
Can try it for free for a week. Head over and
Check out NuMi! There is no commitment with this trial,
And can cancel anytime.

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