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A Happier Holiday Series – Your Holiday Meals For Less

A Happier Holiday Series – Your Holiday Meals For Less

Planning and preparing for Holiday Meals can
be one of the most stressful parts of the Season!
I want to share some tips to help lessen the burden!
You will be able to save time and money, even if you
aren’t an extreme couponer. I hope these tips allow
you to be able to enjoy this joyous time with friends
and family instead of worry, aggravation and stress!


checklist#1 PLAN NOW:


We still have a few weeks  until Thanksgiving, and
longer until Christmas. This gives us plenty of time
to have everything planned out and be prepared in
the upcoming weeks to have everything we need and
purchased for less!

You should start by planning out your guest list, write
down everyone you plan to invite, and get in contact
with them to see if there will be any guests that they
are planning to bring. Getting a close estimate of
the head count will allow you to shop more accurately.
You will be less likely to have to make another trip out
to pay full price for the extra food items to accommodate
the unexpected guest(s). You will also want to jot down
next to each guest if they are bringing a dish or dessert.

Once you have a head count, start planning the menu.

Make a list of the foods you plan on making for the event.
Decide if you will be having Turkey, Ham or something
else all together. (You may consider waiting to see which
you can get a great deal on in the coming weeks before
making that decision) If you have other friends and family
members that will be bringing along a dish, then make the
notations of those items being added to the menu.

You will next want to calculate the amount of ingredients
you will need to make each dish to feed the amount of
people on your guest list. Write these ingredients down
in shopping list form, and then start “shopping” in your
own fridge or pantry. If you have the items on hand, and
they will stay in-date within the time frame of your event,
then you can mark that ingredient off your shopping list.

You should now be left with items on the list that you will
need to purchase.

 The last part of the plan, is to make a To Do list. Which
items will you be preparing the night before? How much
time do you have to plan for each dish. At what time do
you need to start cooking?

It’s OK to work on this list through the weeks, you may
not have your exact menu plan set in stone.

It may be fun and helpful to get your
children/grandchildren to help with preparation!
They can help by washing any produce, mixing
ingredients, helping you to read recipes. This may
be a busy day for you, but to them it makes a great
fun memory of being a big helper in the kitchen!


couponsclip#2 PRINT/CLIP DAILY:


You’ll begin to notice new coupons popping
up daily at various coupon sites. Coupons for
baking, Produce, Canned Veggies etc. should
always be printed immediately.
Even if you end up not needing them, you can
always ask your friends, family or fellow church
members if the coupon(s) will help their
Holiday Meal plan! Some great coupon sites are:
Red Plum
Betty Crocker

I also post tons of new coupons on items that
make great deals often! Be sure to follow me on
Facebook so that you will see the update and can
print them quickly!

If you do not have a lot of experience with
couponing, that’s ok. You will still be able to save
a great deal of money on your Holiday meals by
staying organized and sticking to a plan!

I suggest making a special envelope just for your
coupons to help with your Holiday meals. You can
decorate it to keep you in that Holiday Spirit or just
to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Each time you come across a coupon on the internet
to print that will work well with a
Thanksgiving/Christmas meal, you should print it and
put it in your envelope. Coupons in magazines and
Sunday Paper inserts that fit well with your meal plan
should also be clipped and put inside your envelope!

By now, you should have a guest list, your menu plan,
a shopping list, a To-Do List and an envelope started
with some great coupons.




I know what you are thinking! Going to the
grocery store once a week can be stressful!
I get that! That’s why I want you to browse
your grocery store flyers before you head out!

New store ads and sales come out weekly.
The closer to the Holidays, the more sales come
out on those dinner items. Each week browse the
ads and compare with your shopping list that I
talked about in step 1. The general idea of a good
deal is about 40-50% off Regular price. Often
times, we can find deals much better than that!

If a store has an item on your list for a great price,
for example canned vegetables at half off, then that
is a good price to buy what you need of them.
You will want to see if you have a coupon for them
in your envelope as well! That’s when you’re really
talking savings!!

You do not have to buy everything on your list the
first week. If Sweet potatoes aren’t on sale this
week, that’s ok. They will probably go on sale in
the weeks ahead and you will have saved by waiting
for that sale!

Don’t be afraid to change up your menu plan if you
find a better deal on a different item. For instance,
if you were going to go with a Turkey dinner but
found an amazing deal on Ham, then switch it over
to a Ham dinner!

As the weeks pass by, you should be getting the last
of your ingredients purchased and marked off your list.
Hopefully you were able to find most of it on sale,
but it’s OK if some things were not. Be proud of yourself
for any amount you saved!


Because you have a plan, you should have a less stressful
time. No last minute items to forget to purchase, no
surprise guests to accommodate for, dinner will be timed
just right, and you will have plenty of food to keep the
guests happy!

Since you are keeping an eye out on new coupons
and printing/clipping them immediately as
well as putting them away in your special envelope,
you are always armed and ready with the savings you need!

Checking the ads and shopping weekly, you are able to
browse what items could be of use to you and obtain them
while they are on sale.

Lastly, don’t forget to designate a dish washer! Happy Holidays!

What tips do you have to make Holiday Meals
frugal & less stressful!

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Cookouts are a wonderful way for family and friends
to get together. We have already used our grill a few
times since the start of Spring!

We recently moved into a new home and will be hosting
a cookout for Memorial Day weekend. In the  past I
have found if I don’t plan ahead, I can really go
overboard and spend a fortune on the supplies needed for
the event.

Here are the steps we are taking to keep the costs low for
our upcoming family cookout.


Make A Plan, Write It Down!

One helpful way to save money on your cookout is to
plan a detailed list of everything! How many guests
will be there? What would you like  to serve?
The items you will need, etc. Compare your list of
needed items with what you already have on hand
and then shop for only what you need. Knowing
what you have on hand will prevent you from buying
too much, and having a list helps you to get everything
you need without having to return to the store and
paying higher prices.

If you aren’t planning a big feast, or maybe it’s more
in your budget to keep it small, then put your focus on
fun and cheap activities that everyone will love!
Your local dollar store will have many fun outside Summer
toys to keep the children entertained. If you don’t have a pool,
you can bring out the sprinkler, water balloons and other
water related toys. The adults may enjoy karaoke, board & card
games or set up a volleyball tent.

The earlier you can plan your event, the more money you can
save at the store. It will give you more sales ads to browse
through, or more time to hold out for an item to go on sale.
Fortunately during the summer months, you will see tons of
the staples you need for your cookout frequently on sale, which
most of the time saves you 50% right from the start! To really
maximize those savings use coupons on top of the sale!
You will see those savings go up to at least 70% off and
sometimes get products for free!
Don’t be afraid to swtich up your menu a little if you see
something else go on sale that will work better as a side or
main dish.

Some Other Tips To Help You Save

It’s  best to comparison shop for all your needs, but if you
are having trouble finding a great deal on paper products,
then it’s best to stick to your local dollar store for those
purchases. Paper plates, napkins, cups etc., especially
those with holiday designs, can take up a big part of your
cookout budget. Shopping at a dollar store can cut that
area of your spending in half.

Another area to cut the price in half is on your bread.
Purchase buns and snack cakes at a local bakery outlet
to save at least 50% than shopping a regular grocery store.

When making burgers, add bread crumbs or dried oats
to your raw meat mixture before making them into patties,
this will thicken the recipe and you will be able to make
more hamburgers for your buck!

While you are on the meat aisle, be on the lookout for
packages with peelies on them where if you buy that meat
product you can save money on charcoal or even get your
barbecue sauce for free.

If you’re planning for a large guest list, perhaps have each
household bring a dish or desert then plan out what each
person is bringing so you can be sure to have just enough
of what you need.

What are your best savings tips for hosting a cookout?

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12 Yummy Treat Ideas For The 4th Of July!




Looking for fun treat ideas for the 4th of July? I’m
addicted to Pinterest and have found some of the cutest
and easy to make treats that your friends and family are
sure to love!

Layered Drinks

An easy and creative way to cool off!
Inspired by: In Katrina’s Kitchen Recipe.


Candy Apples
Candy apples

How can you resist a candy apple?
These can be done in so many ways!
Inspired by: Tidy Mom Recipe.


Fruit Trays
Fruit Tray

Simple, yet healthy!
Inspired by: Dollar Store Deals Recipe


Custom Brownies

Brownies? Need I Say More?
Inspired by: Wilton Recipe


Candy Bark
Candy Bark

Candy Bark can easily be modified
to fit with any holiday theme!
Inspired by: Celebrations Recipe


Pudding Pops
Pudding Pops

Pudding pops, another way to keep
cool! I don’t see too many complaints
coming with this one!
Inspired by: Crafts for Kids Recipe


Dipped Strawberries!

I will say that one again, Dipped Strawberries!!
Inspired by: The Sister Cafe Recipe


Gum Drops

I’ve never made my own gumdrops
before, this should be fun!
Inspired by: Hungry Happenings Recipe


Cake Pops
Cake pops

Cake pops are perfect for the
sweet tooth! This one decorated
in festive colors and designed into
the American Flag is too cute!
Inspired by: Party City Recipe



What a great way to start this Holiday
morning! Star Shaped Pancakes with
just the right colors of fruit!
Inspired by: Recipe



These 4th of July cupcakes are the perfect
treat to bring to the Holiday event.
Inspired by: Annie’s Eats Recipe.


Berry Tart

Serve this Berry Tart after dinner
for some oohs and ahhs!
Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens Recipe


Restaurant Gift Card Deals For 2013 Holiday!

Taco Bell


Are you planning on giving a restaurant gift card for a present this
Christmas, I have compiled a list of Restaurants in our area that
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Know of any other restaurant gift card deals in the area? Let us know
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Toy Coupons For Holiday 2013



I have put together a list of Toy coupons that are available to print
this Holiday Season. Should any of these reach their limit, please
leave me a comment below so I can remove it from the list.

Also if you find any great deals using these coupons, I would love
to hear about it and I am sure it would help other’s have a more
budget friendly Christmas for their children.


$5 off Hot Wheels Toy $19 or higher
$5 off LeapFrog Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Hexbug Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Nerf Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Fisher Price Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Playskool Hereos Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Disney Princess Toy $19 or higher
$5 off FurReal Friends Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Lego or Lego Friends Toy $29 or higher
$5 off Mega Bloks Toy $19 or higher
$5 off NERF Rebelle Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Lalaloopsy Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Crayola Item $19 or higher
$5 off Dora The Explorer purchase $19 or higher
$5 off Barbie Item $19 or higher
$5 off Monster High Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy $19 or higher
$5 off My Little Pony Toy $19 or higher
$5 off Power Rangers Toy $19 or higher
$5 off ONE KRE-O-CITYVILLE Invasion Police Station Zombie set
$3 off Select Play-Doh Sets
$5 off Imaginext Batcave
$5 off Rockin tunes Giraffe
$5 off Little People Farm
$10 off Imaginext Rescue City Center
$1 off Minikins by Topps Mini Figures


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