Last year I had my first experience with the RooCup from
Kangaroo Express. I used them ALL. THE. TIME. I love
my RooCup and still use it at home.

I’m excited that it is that time again for the new 2013 RooCup
You can reserve yours now on their Facebook page. After
you fill out the information you will get a voucher in your

If you aren’t familiar, the RooCup can be purchased at
any Kangaroo Express while supplies last. Once purchased
you can stop in to any of their locations nationwide and
fill your cup for only $0.25! I always got the frozen coke!
This is a great deal! They are very durable and will last
through the Summer+  You will be able to use your cup
starting April 24th through September 4th. Fill it as many
times as you like for only $0.25! Last year, I believe the
price was $6.99 for a cup. You can purchase as many
as you like for your family members.



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