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Menu Plan Budget

Planning your meals in advance based on what is on sale each week is a great way to stretch your family’s grocery budget. Knowing what you will cook in advance will ensure you have all the needed ingredients on hand without having to make frequent trips to the store throughout the week and often pay full price!

1. Get started with lists

I make a list of all the meals my family loves to eat.  I also have an area on this list of recipes I would like to try.I like to plan our meals at least 2 weeks in advance, and include meals large enough for leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day.

shopping list

2. Gather your grocery store ads

I start by looking at the sales flyers each week to see which items are free and cheap, with and without coupons. Some of the best deals will be on the front of the ad. Don’t forget to look for BOGO deals as well!

grocery ads

Make a list of any great priced items from each store.  For example, if I find Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for less than $2/lb, I know that many of our main dishes will include chicken that week. Some weeks, I can find 10lb bag of potatoes for $1.99 or even get dry pasta or rice sides for free using coupons.  After I have created my list of the great sale items, I build my menu around those cheap finds.

I usually try and put my main focus on best prices of meat and produce. I also stock up on the really great deals on non-perishable items such as canned and boxed goods. I buy what we would use for 4-6 weeks of those items, and merge them in with my menu planning.

Consider buying a whole chicken fryer when it is on sale and cooking it in the crockpot.  Depending on the size of your family, you may be able to get 3 meals out of it. We like to do casseroles, soups, tacos, and BBQ sandwiches with them!

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Sometimes you may see cuts of meat or ingredients that you aren’t familiar with at an amazing price. When that is the case, I like to use to find new recipes to take advantage of these sales. Supercook helps you come up with recipes based on only the ingredients you have on hand.

4. Plan for the unexpected

It’s a good idea to have a list of meals that are pretty cheap to make without sales and coupons as your fallback. Keep the items on that list in your stockpile.

We always have pasta and sauce in our pantry. It can easily be thrown together for a quick inexpensive meal should one of our other plans fall  through.  You may run across a day that is really hectic, or you forgot to defrost your meat. I love having that quick fallback meal to fix.  It stops that all-too-convenient call to the local pizza delivery place.

5. Make your plan visible

Put your list on the fridge and make a habit to look at it each night. You can prepare in advance which meat to put out to thaw and get a head start on chopping any vegetables.

Following these steps will not only help to cut your grocery budget, but will also help simplify your life when it comes to dinner!

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free calendar


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12 Yummy Treat Ideas For The 4th Of July!




Looking for fun treat ideas for the 4th of July? I’m
addicted to Pinterest and have found some of the cutest
and easy to make treats that your friends and family are
sure to love!

Layered Drinks

An easy and creative way to cool off!
Inspired by: In Katrina’s Kitchen Recipe.


Candy Apples
Candy apples

How can you resist a candy apple?
These can be done in so many ways!
Inspired by: Tidy Mom Recipe.


Fruit Trays
Fruit Tray

Simple, yet healthy!
Inspired by: Dollar Store Deals Recipe


Custom Brownies

Brownies? Need I Say More?
Inspired by: Wilton Recipe


Candy Bark
Candy Bark

Candy Bark can easily be modified
to fit with any holiday theme!
Inspired by: Celebrations Recipe


Pudding Pops
Pudding Pops

Pudding pops, another way to keep
cool! I don’t see too many complaints
coming with this one!
Inspired by: Crafts for Kids Recipe


Dipped Strawberries!

I will say that one again, Dipped Strawberries!!
Inspired by: The Sister Cafe Recipe


Gum Drops

I’ve never made my own gumdrops
before, this should be fun!
Inspired by: Hungry Happenings Recipe


Cake Pops
Cake pops

Cake pops are perfect for the
sweet tooth! This one decorated
in festive colors and designed into
the American Flag is too cute!
Inspired by: Party City Recipe



What a great way to start this Holiday
morning! Star Shaped Pancakes with
just the right colors of fruit!
Inspired by: Recipe



These 4th of July cupcakes are the perfect
treat to bring to the Holiday event.
Inspired by: Annie’s Eats Recipe.


Berry Tart

Serve this Berry Tart after dinner
for some oohs and ahhs!
Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens Recipe


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