Front porch final
I’m hoping to start this new series (along with keep up with it!)
for things that we have found a way to recycle. So without further
ado our first post in the Recycled Mondays Series.

The weather has been so nice the past couple of days and we have
been ready to start planting and working outside. We have a nice
place picked out in the backyard however it is a possibility that we
may be moving in the next few months. We really didn’t want to
do all the hard work of a large garden only to be moving. We had
the idea to use an old DVD shelf that I’ve had for years, it wobbles
and some of the brackets to hold the shelves in place are missing,
yet replaced with whatever little piece would fit in the hole. (That’s
Macgyver style by the way!)

It’s the perfect size to start a little garden and fits nicely on our front
porch. It’s the right shape and the shelves came in handy as little

So we started with just the empty frame without shelves and moved
it out to our front porch.

Front porch garden1
We then filled it with soil and put the shelves back in to use as

Front porch garden2


Finally, we transferred some of the plants we had started to
grow inside into our new garden bed! That’s about it! Easy Peasy!

Front porch garden3


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