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In past lessons we have learned what coupons are and the purpose they serve,
where to find them and how to organize them. If you have been following along
then I think by now you probably have some coupons gathered and organized
in a way that you feel comfortable. In this next lesson, I am going to go over
some Store policies when it comes to using coupons.

Stores can be very different when it comes to accepting coupons. Some, such
as Aldi, may not even accept them at all!  This is why it is very important to
have a pretty good understanding and feel for how the store(s) you will be
shopping at  will handle your coupons.

Many stores have their coupon policies online, and it is a good idea to print
them and keep them with your coupons each time you shop. You will find
that sometimes the cashier may have a problem with a coupon, or maybe
something that they don’t understand. If you are following that store’s
policy and have it printed to show, it will help things run more smoothly.

You can check out the Store Policies page here for a list of links to various
store coupon policies. If you cannot find your store in the list, try going to
that store’s website and see if you can locate their coupon policy. If no
coupon policy can be found online, then you may try emailing their
corporate office and asking them to send you their policy by email, or I
suggest going to the store and asking the manager about their store’s coupon
policy. I would also take notes while the manager is explaining them.
He/She will be more likely to be more specific and careful in explaining how
things work if you are there writing them down. You will also be less likely
to confuse any info they are giving you.

So, what are some of the differences you may find from store to
store when it
comes to couponing?

You may find that some stores double the face value of a coupon. The price
that will be doubled varies from store to store. Some stores may be $0.50
some as high as a $1! Sometimes stores will have special events where they
even triple coupons! There may be limits such as how many coupons you
can bring in, or how many items you can buy. This also varies by store.

You may also find that some stores will require you to register for shopper
cards to take advantage of their sale prices. Most of the time these are free
and are the size of a credit card or fit on a keychain. You will also want to
know which days that the store(s) you will be shopping at run their sales.
CVS generally runs Sunday - Saturday, however there are many that will
begin their sales a day early! That can be helpful to know when trying to grab
an awesome deal before it’s gone!  Many grocery stores run their sales
Wednesday – Tuesday. Again, this varies so it’s best to learn all you can
about your favorite stores. The more in the know you are, the better your
grocery budget is going to look!

Some stores may accept competitor coupons, which can make for a great
deal when combining a sale and manufacturer coupon in the mix! There
are many other factors that can differ from store to store. I highly suggest
getting to know your store and it’s policies before you start your couponing
journey. It’s also quite helpful to get to know your cashiers and managers.
It makes for a much pleasant shopping experience when you and your
coupons feel welcome!

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