I’m going to do Coupon101 in segments. The first lesson is going to be as basic as possible. Probably a lot of info that most of you know but I really want to start at the beginning so that no one gets left behind or finds confusion. Each lesson will scale up from there. I’m going to ease you into couponing and try to put the segments up as quick as I can. I’m hoping that these little segments will really help you to grasp the idea of how couponing can save you a ton of money.

I realize that you can take coupon classes for a cost. But I don’t see the point in paying money that you could be spending on your family’s groceries or other household needs, when you can easily learn it for free online.

I have never took a couponing class in my life. I have researched online and also learned mostly through my own trial and error. It took me maybe a month to get the full idea of couponing. Maybe less. Today I believe that I am doing pretty well when it comes to making the right decisions in shopping using coupons and sales and getting the best deals out there!

It is in my hopes and plans in the future to offer Free couponing classes in person. However they will probably only be in my local area. That is where this website comes into play. My plan is to layout these segments in such a way as how I would teach in person step by step. So I present to you the lessons:

Lesson 1: Anatomy of a Coupon
Lesson 2: How to Build Your Coupon Stash
Lesson 3: Coupon Organization
Lesson 4: Know your Store, Coupon Policies and More!
Lesson 5: A Couponer’s Lingo Guide
Lesson 6: Coming Soon!