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Here is a list of coupon words and phrases that you may hear
along your journey of couponing.


BLINKIE – Coupons that are found in little machines attached to store shelves,
Often have blinking lights and dispenses coupons one at a time.

BOGO -  Buy One Get One also seen as B1G1

BTFE -  Box Tops For Education, Found on General Mills products,
Schools get $0.10 for each Box Top Redeemed

CAT -  Catalina, Coupons and deals that print out of a special machine,near cash register.

DND – Do Not Double (In reference to wording on coupons)

ECB – Extra Care Bucks, Earned at CVS for special purchases, to be
used on your next purchase.

EXP -  Concerning Expiration date of a deal or coupons.

FLIP -  Food Lion Internet Printable Coupon

GM -General Mills, refers to their coupon insert in Sunday Papers.

INSERT – Referring to the coupon booklets found in Sunday Papers.

IP – Internet Printable

ISO – In Search Of, often used for coupon trading.

IVC - Instant Value Coupon, Found in Walgreens weekly sales ads.

MIR -  Mail In Rebate.

MQ - Manufacturer Coupon

OOP – Out Of Pocket. Amount of money actually spent.

OYNO - On Your Next Order Coupons and deals you receive from one purchase,
to be used on your next.

P&G Proctor and Gamble Usually in reference to the coupon insert.

Q -Coupon

RC -  Rain Check, given when a store is out of stock on a sale item.

ROLLING – Term Used, especially for Drug Store deals, when using your earned
store “bucks or coupons” from a previous transaction to buy more products that
produce more Free “bucks and coupons” This method is used to keep your OOP
low! (We will go over this more in a later lesson!)

RP -  Red Plum, A Sunday Coupon Insert

RR-  Register Reward, Earned at Walgreens on special purchases to,
be used on your next purchase.

PEELIE – Coupons that are found stuck on products, you remove them by
“peeling” them off.

SCR – Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid rewards program.

SS – Smart Source, Another Sunday Coupon insert

STACK – Means Using a Manufacturer coupon WITH a Store Coupon
on the same product.

TEARPAD - A Booklet or Pad of coupons attached to a display or found on a counter, You tear a coupon from the pad to use it.

UPC – Universal Product Code- The barcode found on coupons and merchandise to scan.

WAGS – Nickname for Walgreens.

WYB – When You Buy, A deal you are going to receive when you buy a product.

YMMV – Your Miles May Vary, or Your Manager May Vary.
In the coupon world, A certain deal may be at one store, but not at another.

Did I forget any? Let me know!