If you are in the Chattanooga area, I am happy to inform you that
Bi-Lo has added a new way for you to save money in your everyday
lives! You can already get great prices, take advantage of some awesome
Buy One Get One deals, Have your coupons doubled up to $0.60, Bring in
some competitor coupons and even use eCoupons! Now Bi-lo has added
their great fuelperks! program to help you save money on gas!

I was recently asked by Bi-Lo to go on a VIP fuelperks! Experience.
I had the opportunity to learn first hand on how to earn and redeem
fuelperks! It’s really easy and I’m very excited that we have this in
our area! So you may be asking, What are fuelperks? Well, I have
put together a video telling you a bit about them, and what to
look for in the store to redeem. But first, here are a few important
points about Bi-Lo fuelperks

  • First, you need the updated Bi-Lo card. It will come with a magnetic
    strip on the back so that you can swipe it at the gas pump.
  • You earn 5¢ in fuelperks! for every $50 you spend at Bi-Lo!
    (This does not have to be purchased in a single transaction.)
    You can shop as you normally do, and with every $50 accumulated
    you will earn another 5¢ in your fuelperks! account.
  • There is no limit to the fuelperks! you can earn, so if you earn $4 in
    fuelperks! and then head to the gas station to fill up your tank at $3.69
    a gallon, you will get the $3.69 off per gallon, and the remaining 31¢ will
    still remain in your account for later use.
  • The fuelperks! you earn through reaching those $50 milestones never
  • You can also earn Bonus fuelperks! each week, by buying the advertised
    participating items. The bonus fuelperks! you earn will expire at the end
    of the third month after you receive them. For example, any fuelperks!
    earned in August, are valid to use through the end of November.
  • When redeeming your fuelperks! you must go to a participating gas station
    and swipe your card when  prompted. It will then alert you to how many
    fuelperks! you have to use. You then can pump up to 20 gallons at that
    discounted price. If your car will only hold 18 gallons, consider bringing
    along an empty gas can to collect the rest. (A great way to get fuel for your
  • If you do not use all of your 20 gallons in that pumping session, you lose
    whatever is left. So you want to make sure you are headed to the station
    on an empty tank to take full advantage of your fuelperks! value!

Check out my video tutorial of my Bi-Lo fuelperks! experience here!

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have, or go to
www.Bi-Lo.com/fuelperks for more information!

I was given a Mini Flip Video Camera, $100 to shop with and a Bi-Lo
Goody Bag for my review and sharing this info. Any opinions expressed
in this post or video are that of my own.

Sidral Mundet Apple Soda Review

I recently had the opportunity to give Sidral Mundet Apple Soda
a try. I had never heard of this brand before but am always eager
to try new products.

Sidral Mundet is an apple-flavored, authentic Mexican soft drink made
with 100% real sugar. Sidral comes in two great flavors – regular and
green apple – and has been a mainstay in the Mexican-American
community since the early 1900s. Today, it has gained a considerable following
at mom & pop restaurants, soda shops and food trucks alike.  You can enjoy it
as a refreshing beverage, use in mixers or even to cook with!

I received one of each of the flavors to try. I love that these drinks taste
very sweet and are carbonated. Though both drinks were very refreshing,
and a nice change to normal beverages we drink, My family and I were in agreement
that the Green Apple flavor was the better of the two. My husband and
daughter both stated that it tastes just like some green apple candy! I must
agree it is  very good. I really like that they are made with 100% real sugar,
and their  ingredients list is small and simple!

If you would like more information on Sidral Mundet, you can check out their
Facebook Page or Follow them on Twitter!


Disclosure: The opinions in this post are that of my own. I received two Free
 of Sidral Mundet and a reusable shopping bag to facilitate my review.
No monetary 
compensation was received for this post.

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