Store Coupon Policies

Whether you are new to the coupon scene or a veteran couponer,
it is important to be aware of the coupon policies of the stores you
are shopping. Having this knowledge will help to make your shopping
experience more pleasant as well as get you the best deals on the
products you need!


You will find that every store has their own policies for accepting
coupons, and some do not accept them at all.


How to find your store’s coupon policy:

Most of the time you can locate a stores coupon policy on their
website. It may not always be in an obvious place, so sometimes
a quick google search of the store name plus the words coupon
policy will bring it right up! Once you have located it, print it out
and keep it in your binder for quick reference should problems
arise at checkout.

Here’s a list of coupon policies for a few stores in our area along
with the corporate number for each store:
Bi-Lo Coupon Policy                   1.800.768.4438
Cooke’s Hometown Grocer        1.423.472.5034  423-472-5034    423-472-5034
Dollar General Coupon Policy  1-800-678-9258
Family Dollar Coupon Policy  1-866-377-6420
Food City Coupon Policy         1-276-628-5503
Food Lion Coupon Policy        1-800-210-9569
Fred’s Coupon Policy               1-800-374-7417 ext. 2163
Fresh n’ Low Coupon Policy
Publix Coupon Policy              1-800-242-1227
Save-a-Lot Coupon Policy      Contact Them Here
Target Coupon Policy              1-800-440-0680
Walgreens Coupon Policy       1–800–925–4733
Walmart Coupon Policy           1-800-925-6278

If you cannot find the policy online, check with the customer service
employee or store manager. Make sure to jot them down as they are
going over them with you. You will be less likely to get false or
misunderstood information if they know you are taking notes. The
employee will be more cautious in the explanation of how their policies


Differences in coupon policies:

There are some important points that you will look for in
each policy, and knowing them will help to insure you are
using your coupons correctly. It will help you get the maximum
savings each time you shop. A few of those points are:


  • Will you need a store loyalty card to receive sale prices,
    use coupons or have  them doubled? Often these cards
    are free and simple to sign up for.


  • Does the store double coupons? If so, up to what amount
    do they double? Is it everyday or do they have specific
    days/times of the week that they will double your coupons.


  • What types of coupons do they accept? Sometimes stores
    will not accept internet printable coupons or when they do
    they will not allow coupons that are for free products.


  • Does your store take competitor coupons, or allow you to “stack”
    a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on one product.
    If the store accepts competitor coupons, which stores do they
    consider competitors?


Does your store allow overage? For example if you buy a $2 product
but have a $3 off coupon, will they accept that coupon? If so how will
they handle the overage – in change back to you, on a gift card or apply
it to other items in your purchase.


Will the store allow you to use a coupon on both items in a Buy One Get One Free
It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the policies to each store you
do business with.


If you have questions regarding couponing, please feel free to comment here,
email me frugalincleveland  or you can  also friend me/talk to me
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